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Title: Things that were made during Corona Virus Pandemic
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In our game project called Rise Online World;

1- Some information about the project
2- What happened in the last 3 months (when the epidemic was active) and what improvements were made?
3- What are the studies planned to be carried out in the short and long term from now on?

I will convey some information while answering the questions under the headings.

1) In pre-alpha tests, our game had to be completely ready for gamers who will play the game in alpha test. Due to some add-ons, features, improvements and enhancements, some technical problems have arisen and studies have been made. For this reason, we apologize for not being able to start the alpha test at the specified date in the first stage. In fact, this is what we talked about from the very beginning: things that may not always occur in Mmorpgs may not be completed in the time you think or problems may arise from what you never expected. In this sense, optimizations were made in order to provide you with a better game, and it continues to be done. A final test before alpha will be done within 2 weeks, and if there is no setback, we will be able to give dates for alpha tests after this test. We are impatient like you, but first of all we want to offer you a good and worth playing game. In addition to the developer notes mentioned earlier; Our game project has been approved by 2 universities and Technopark. Our transition as a company will be provided in the coming days.
2) During the epidemic;

- Map optimizations were made,
- Weapon optimizations were made,
- Armor optimizations were made,
- VFX optimizations were done,
- General animation optimizations were done,
- 4 new creatures (1 of them are boss) modeling,
- 2 new pet models were made,
- 4 new passenger modeling was done,
- 10 hairstyles were made,
- 2 NPC models were made,
- 15 special costume models were made,
Anti-cheat integration (done)
- Zone teleport visual work (finished)
- Teleport system between channels (ongoing)
- Upgrade system (development in progress)
- Weapon and armor FX studies (ready, but improvements continue)
- UI improvement (ongoing)
- Revision of Skill icons (finished)
- Revision of existing skills and new skills, (Planning, detailing, integrating, testing, icon studies of newly added skills continue)
- Bow and arrow animation (done)
- Hit animations of creatures (development continues)
- Running, skill, swimming animations of characters (development and improvement continues)
- Cape designs continue
- Party and Private Message voice chat integration (ongoing)
3) Those considered to be added or developed until Beta:

- Item soulbound system - Certain level items will be linked to the character as a soul bond. There may also be items that fall directly as a soul bond. Details will be announced in the following stages.
- Item rune system - The strengths of the weapons can be increased by placing runes of different properties on the weapons. The rune slots owned by weapons will have a different number. Thus, low-quality weapons can be valuable thanks to runes. Runes can only be placed on weapons. Details will be announced in the following stages.
- Party roll system (Options for how the drops are distributed in the party - Distribute randomly, distribute to the highest score among / roll writers, randomly distribute among those who want to receive the item.
- DPS meter - It will be possible to see how much damage and healing of the players in the party.

In addition to those mentioned above, many studies are ongoing. Over time, each will be shared in detail. As RoW team, our only goal is; is to offer you a smooth game with a management that you will feel fun, fair and valuable as an actor.

RoW Development Team

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