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Title: Rise Online suspends work due to Corona Virus
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As we know from official discord - Rise Online Team announced that they will take break from work due to Corona Virus epidemy. So we need to be more patient now...

[Image: ORgry3K.png]
Official statement during the break published on discord channel by Mergen(GM):

"Hello everyone. As you know, our country and the world have entered an isolation and quarantine process for an average of 2 months.

Unfortunately, we have already mentioned that the works will fail.

While this process negatively affected the developments in certain areas of the project, it also positively affected the development of certain areas. The part that is concentrated right now and the work continues rapidly
Part about server capacity and performance.

Claims such as the process is stopped and the project is canceled are not true. Since the work in the media field is among the parts that are affected by the process, the sharing of videos, photos and other visuals on social media has been stopped until the end of the process.
The media area may have created the perception that the project is not progressing because it is the first area that you users encounter and the work in this area does not continue to date.

You can be sure that we will follow the isolation process all together and continue further from where we stay when everyone returns to their routine life. See you for now."
"Hello, With the normalization steps taken in our country and in the world, the Rise Online World team will also come together to continue working effectively. General evaluation and planning will be made. I'll let you know about the developments over time. I would like to remind you again that the team's stay away from interaction during the epidemic is "contributing" to the defeat of our country and the world by "not being a carrier" rather than their own health.

For our health and health, please do not leave the precaution."
"We will share the meeting notes in a few days. What has been done in the corona process, what are the short and long term plans, what is the process ahead of us from now on, what stage we are now? We will share an overview of the answers to all these questions in the coming days.
Please do not forget; The project is still under development and although you may think that the game is ready, we can see the areas we want to develop and the features we want to add. Our only request is to wait patiently and support us in this process. We are grateful to all of you as the ROW family for your support so far."

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